Individual Medical Director phone surveys are another method that can be used to identify possible existing coverage gaps if the panel methodology is not desired.  The survey is less detailed than a focus panel in both time and scope of information, at a lower cost.  One limitation of surveys versus panel sessions is the fact that the opportunity for live interaction between clients and the Medical Directors is lost. Panels afford the opportunity to validate or problem solve your approach, where the surveys are based on individual payer medical director inputs.

Survey Format

A series of questions is developed between Payer Insights staff and the client.  Executive summaries are produced and sent with the questions to the selected medical directors prior to the interview. Medical Directors review the executive summaries and questions provided prior to the interview.  Existing policies within their respective plan may also be reviewed.

Medical directors will be individually interviewed for the survey and a compilation of individual responses is provided to the client in a report format.  The careful preparatory work is a fixed expense that does not change whether just one or several interviews are conducted.  A set of 5 interviews could provide a good range of perspectives.