Better Understand Which Elements Influence Payer Coverage Decisions

Is your technology positioned for positive payer coverage?

• Peer reviewed publications are just one part of what is
     required to positively influence insurers coverage decisions.

Do you know what other types of data and information would be helpful to different types of payers and their individual perspectives?

Product Stage of Development

What stage of development are you in?

Possibly your company could be inventing, conducting pre-regulatory clinicals, planning your first FDA meeting, generating outside clinical data, conducting your pivotal trial, achieving regulatory success, launching your product, or relaunching your stalled device.

Our initial interview process seeks to understand your achieved milestones as well as your next steps. Every company situation is unique, especially since you are quite possibly planning to deliver a new, improved or breakthrough medical device. If you are developing a close copy of something that already exists, you don’t need us.

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Payer Medical Director Access

Do you have access to Payer Medical Directors and are they open to meet with you to discuss your product’s reasons for coverage?

The chances are slim that medical directors have the time to meet with you and the many other companies who request face to face meetings for a coverage discussion.

Payer Insights Medical Director Focus Panels provide our clients the access to meet, present and discuss their technology with medical directors in a relaxed environment and to gain insight and potentially identify existing gaps that will limit your product’s coverage acceptance.


We help you improve your efforts to develop positive coverage policies for your valuable products and services.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients say:

Medical Director Access and Broad Payer Representation
“I was able to interact with and learn from key decision makers at major health plans. Payer Insights made sure they were active and influential in policy development. I was particularly pleased they represented a diverse set of plans.”

Vice President, Global Market Access and Reimbursement, Global Healthcare Company

Coverage Gaps Analysis and Identification
“Payer Insights put together a diverse group of articulate Medical Directors that gave us an honest read on our technology. We learned where the coverage limitations were coming from and, more importantly, how to fix them. The moderator was particularly good at extracting valuable information from the Medical Directors by creating an environment where they were free to say what they thought, not want they thought we wanted to hear. We got the insight we needed.”

Chief Executive Officer, Urology/Incontinence Treatment Device Company

Gain Actionable Information 
“The panel dynamics were very good. Payer Insights did a good job identifying Medical Directors who would share their perceptions without talking over the other participants. We ended up getting a lot of actionable information on trial design, health economics, and communication with payers about our technology. This would not have come out without the extensive preparation and attention to detail at every step in the process”

Vice President, Marketing, Cancer Treatment Technology Company

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